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Period Style Projects
The Ironwork Studios historic expertise enables them to design new work which is authentic in style, detailing & construction techniques of the period required. This knowledge is essential for reinstatement & enhancement projects on listed properties or in conservation areas. It is however also commonly applied to new buildings in classical styles where quality and attention to detail are of paramount importance.

Blossom St period style gates & railings
Bovey House Period Style Railings
Chelsea Royal Hospital period style gate
Horden Welfare Park period style gates
Litchfield TIC period style railings
Marsden period style railings
Mount Grace Priory period ironmongery

Blossom Street
Gates & Railings more...

Bovey House
Railings more...

Chelsea Royal Hospital
Gates more...

Horden Welfare Park
Gates more...

Lichfield TIC
Railings more...

Marsden Park
Railings more...

Mount Grace Priory
Ironmongery more...

Murray mills period style gate
National Gallery period gate
Old Church Street period style gate & railings
St Agnes Lodge period railings
St Pancras period style weather vane
St Pauls period style handrail
Weston Park period style gate detail

Murray Mills
Gates more...

National Gallery
Gates more...

Old Church Street
Railings more...

St Agnes Lodge
Railings more...

St Pancras Station
Weather vane more...

St Pauls
Handrail more...

Weston Park
Gates more...

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