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Tradionally Inspired

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Traditionally Inspired
The Ironwork Studios half way house for people who want the exquisite and enduring feel of tradition but also the ability to personalise. All projects here look to classic forms for their inspiration but the rules and styles, instead of being obediently followed for authentic period work, are played with and developed to create new & distinct pieces. Keeping our traditional styles alive by taking them in new directions.

Auchencraig traditionally inspired gate
Barton traditionally inspired balustrade
Ely Cathedral screens traditionaly inspired
Evans traditionally inspired gate
Harris traditionally inspired handrail
Ingliston balustrades traditionaly inspired
Lucknam Park Hotel traditionally inspired gates & railings

Gates more...

Barton Manor
Balustrade, gates & railings more...

Ely Cathedral
Screen more...

Gate more...

Harris Museum
Handrails more...

Rotunda balustrade more...

Lucknam Park Hotel
Gates & railings more...

Lyall mews traditionally inspired balustrade
Rangers traditionally inspired gate
Rockerly Manor Traditionally inspired balustrade
Wentworth Castle traditionally inspired handrails
Stillingfleet Church Traditionally inspired hinges
whitwell old rectory traditionally inspired gates & railings
Yeatman Hotel traditionally inspired balustrade

Lyall Mews
Balustrad & handrails more...

Gate more...

Rockley Manor
Balustrade more...

Stainborough Castle
Handrails more...

Stillingfleet Church
Hinges more...

Whitwell Old Rectory
Gates & railings more...

Yeatman Hotel
Balustrade more...

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