Gates on Carnaby Street, London. Contemporary metalwork design by the Ironwork Studio to reflect the heritage of the area in the 60's.

We provide initial concepts through to finished technical drawings that are distinguished by our creative approach, in-depth knowledge and craftsmanship. We can design in styles ranging from historic, using traditional construction, to boldly contemporary using the best of modern techniques. 

When designing we take time to listen and understand our client’s aspirations before responding to the brief, purpose and specific context of each project. Influences vary but there are five key points we believe are crucial to a well-developed and holistic vision of how the new ironwork will perform in its context, including: 

  • Character
  • Significance and value (specific to historic environment projects)
  • Response to the setting
  • Sympathetic design
  • Impact and enhancement.

Keeping these in mind ensures the new work positively engages with its environments while reflecting your needs.

By coupling our design approach to our technical knowledge we are able to provide practical, exquisitely detailed designs that will be beloved by generations to come.

Our design services include:

  • Preparation and brief – clarifying the project objectives, aspirations, contextual information (relating to the installation site) and any potential constraints. For new ironwork designs in the historic environment also see Restoration & Consultancy.
  • Authentic restorations – reinstating missing metalwork within historic environments informed by archival & physical evidence.
  • Contextual design – traditional and contemporary designs that respond and positively contribute to their context.
  • Technical design and specification – developing design concepts, refining detailing and compiling the technical and construction information for tender and construction. This service is also available to clients who have already established an aesthetic design direction.
  • Visualisations – communicating design intentions from the detailing of specific elements to the overall design in context. We use the most appropriate technique for the project be it pencil and paper or CAD.

To learn more about our five key points and how we design for the historic environment see our Ironwork Designers brochure and article ‘Fitting the new to the old: designing new ironwork for heritage settings’ (a reprint from The Building Conservation Directory 2021 p105 – opens in a new tab). This is a synopsis of our lecture presented at the inaugural conference of the National Heritage Ironwork Group held at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

For inspiration, please see Our work


“I enjoyed working with The Ironwork Studio and trusted them to have a free hand on the design once I had set them their brief. Having them design the ironwork brought in fresh unique ideas as well as a confidence and experience with the material. It also freed up my time to concentrate on other parts of the building work. I was delighted with the end result which simply felt right, in both aesthetics and craftsmanship and was more fluent that I alone could have achieved.”

Carolyn Merrifield, Downs Merrifield Architects

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