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The Ironwork Studio - ironwork consultants specialising in historic ironwork conservation and contemporary metalwork design

Ironwork consultants

From historic ironwork conservation to contemporary metalwork design, we offer a bespoke range of services. We provide creative and practical advice to support clients who seek the very best in quality and craftsmanship. As ironwork specialists we can enhance your project at every stage, from concept to tenders and procurement.

As independent ironwork consultants we:

  • Provide impartial advice
  • Are unhindered by limitations of any one maker
  • Call on a worldwide network of master craftspeople
  • Find the best people for the project 

We are trusted by a diverse range of clients, including building professionals and individual property owners.

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Metalwork design

As ironwork designers we envision and plan the creation of our work. Our talent is in creating unique responses that positively engage with their environments while reflecting your needs.

Our design work follows these basic steps:

Preparation and Brief
Develop the initial project brief by clarifying the project objectives and aspirations. This gives us a full understand your needs, including consideration of potential constraints, and a review of information from the installation location. For new ironwork designs in heritage settings please also see reports.

Concept Design
Preparation of sketches outlining our design proposals. Our drawings provide options, allowing you to consider different approaches. For inspiration please see our work.

Design Development
Review and progression of an outline concept design. This stage involves client feedback updates, aesthetic refinement and an unpacking of the detailing. The result is a clear outline specification. While we generally work with our own concept designs, we also offer this service to clients who have created their own. In this situation, our support adds the knowledge to turn your idea into one that is both practical and achievable.

Presentation images that let you better understand the design. We use a variety of techniques and styles depending on your needs. These range from adding colour and annotating designs with three dimensional detailing to showing the finished design in its context.

The Ironwork Studio- tender and procurement support to set the standards for design, quality and craftsmanship

Ironwork tender and procurement

We provide practical support for the process of commissioning an ironwork contractor. By including our workshop drawings and specifications within tender packages ambiguity is removed.

We confirm the detailing and construction of the finished work and in so doing set the standards for design, quality and craftsmanship:

Ironwork Workshop drawings
Provide the technical design information for the construction of a project. What makes our drawings different is our fine-tuning approach. Our eye for detail ensures exquisite quality in terms of aesthetical design and craftsmanship in our work.

Ironwork Specifications
Define the scope and standard of work required. They remove uncertainty, reducing the risk of poor quality work and contract conflict. We offer fully detailed specifications for both new build and restoration projects which are available for inclusion within tender packages.

The Ironwork Studio - our ironwork reports secure good good conservation practice for our wrought iron heritage

Ironwork reports

Our reports are most commonly for heritage related work as they are a fundamental requirement for good conservation practice. All reports are tailored to the project in question, its individual circumstances and the purpose the report was commissioned for. Our objective is that they are easily interpreted, updatable and contain adequate and appropriate information on which to make informed decisions.

The majority of our reports broadly fall into the following categories:

Ironwork Assessment Reports (‘Ironwork Condition Reports’ or ‘Ironwork Condition Surveys’)
Provide an assessment of the physical evidence and significance. They give an understanding of, for example, age, technological, historical and aesthetic or social values as well as current condition and tracking repair work.

Ironwork Repair and Restoration Reports
Our reports provide clarity of the objectives, conservation approach, options available and recommendations for repair and restoration. Repair decision making is not necessarily straightforward, our reports help clients make informed choices on how best to conserve or restore their ironwork.

New design in heritage settings assessment reports
Evidence an understanding of the location, its heritage significance and how these, and potential constraints, relate to the new design proposal. They provide the foundation on which informed evaluations and decisions can be made regards any new design proposal. For example, how does the design respect of the significance, respond to the setting and contribute a positive addition? See also design preparation and brief and our article on ‘Fitting the New to the Old: New Design for Heritage Settings’ (7Mb, below), a reprint from British Artist Blacksmiths Association’s Artist Blacksmith magazine

Since before the Covid restrictions, we have offered remote project assistance

Remote Working

Since 2017 we have been providing remote project work assistance. We give creative and technical support to both conservation and design projects. Remote assistance relies on working closely with a professional who is on site, but does not have the same level of specialist expertise in ironwork. We can support both architects and contractors.


Independent architectural metalwork consultants.
Providing creative and practical expertise.

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