Architectural metalwork design and consultancy

Providing inspiration and expert knowledge, we are designers and consultants in decorative architectural metalwork with projects ranging from elegant new designs to heritage restorations.


…is a highly personal experience and we hope to make it an enjoyable one as we guide you through the process of creating something unique and tailored to you, our intention is that you enjoy the experience!

We listen!

We take into consideration your needs, wants and style preferences when we design your project, advising based on our many years’ experience, in-depth knowledge and passion for our trade but we do not impose a style on you. We are confident that we can give you what suits you best through listening, interpreting, advising and creating.

What we do

  • Reports necessary for work done in a heritage setting
    • Heritage Ironwork Condition Reports are the most essential first stage of any conservation project. Our reports provide an assessment of the ironwork to understand not only its current condition but also its significance in terms of, for example, age, technological, historical, aesthetic or social values.
    • Restoration recommendation reports are important, as making decisions on how to conserve or restore ironwork is not necessarily straightforward. Before commissioning work, our reports provide vital clarity and understanding of the objectives of the restoration, the conservation approach to be taken and the different options available to make sure the desired outcome is fully achieved.
    • New design in heritage settings assessment reports consider planning guidance and conservation principles, taking into account the significance of the setting, how the new design proposal responds to that, how sympathetic the design is, and what it’s impact and value will be while assuring that the new design compliments existing work while not slavishly imitating it. This follows the convention of assuring that new work in heritage settings is discernable from original work
  • Designs
    • Concepts are the first step in establishing the design direction of any project, be it heritage or contemporary. Be inspired by our designer’s intimate knowledge and expertise and let us broaden your horizons by taking you on an inspirational journey to find the right creative approach for your project. Tailored to the needs of our clients, no two projects are quite the same; our talent is understanding and interpreting the brief so that we can create a personal response that is the perfect fit for individual projects.
    • Concept technical development is a service we offer to those who already have a strong brief and visual idea of what they want, yet need support and guidance in fine tuning the aesthetics and turning the idea into a clearly defined and practical concept. Our complete understanding of the production processes, based on many years’ experience, will take your project forward to its finest realization.
    • Outline construction detailing is an optional stage of work that we offer between concept and full specification whereby we annotate a design with sketches and notes. This is particularly useful for clarifying the detailing of the design and construction intent. It is also valuable for use for budgeting purposes prior to going to the expense of full specification.
    • Reinstatement of ironwork that, for one reason or another has been removed, is often deceptively trickier than first appears. This is especially true if there are only old photos or drawings for reference and nothing to directly copy. Using out experience and in depth knowledge, we recreate original work in terms of aesthetic styles, detailing and construction, giving our work a true authenticity rather than it being a poor pastiche.
    • New work in heritage settings rightfully demands and deserves the very best in terms of design and craftsmanship; get it right and your piece will become heritage of the future. Our experience, in depth knowledge and ability to clearly communicate the reasoning behind our proposals enables us to confidently design new work, which is sympathetic, respectful and responds to the setting no matter if the chosen design direction is discreetly traditional or boldly contemporary.
  • Visualizations let you see the design in context. Using digital manipulation, we prepare images of the finished design in its location so you can better understand how it will work in its setting.
  • Workshop drawings are the ultimate key to making a piece of work shine as they convey all the information for the construction of a project. They are important even with a minimalist design as it’s the detail that makes all the difference, be it the choice of the material and stock sections, spacings between bars or the design of a joint, termination, handle or moulding. The fine-tuning of the detail within our workshop drawings makes the finished piece stand out not just in terms of its overall impression but also insures exquisite quality in terms of craftsmanship.
  • Specifications are essential in any project to define the scope and standard of work required and therefore reduce the risk of poor quality work and any contract conflict. We offer fully detailed specifications for both new build and restoration projects

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