New design for a heritage setting - balustrade for Shrewsbury Cathedral

Beautiful work, skilfully crafted

This ethos is at the heart of what The Ironwork Studio offer and why we are so passionate about what we do. As designers and consultants in decorative architectural metalwork we provide inspiration and expert knowledge to both create and restore beautiful work which is skilfully crafted.

Contemporary gate made in wrought iron

Be inspired…

…let us take you on an inspirational journey to find the right creative approach for your project. Our design work and philosophy is different – founded on an intimate knowledge of our craft. We focus on getting the right proportions, balance and quality of line. This is especially important, although often overlooked, with minimalist designs as it has the potential for uplifting a simple design to one which conveys confidence and elegance.

Hand drawings still have a role to play in our work, as they enable an eloquence of line and detailing that cannot be matched with CAD.

Our detailed drawings ensure the best quality result

In-depth knowledge

We have intimate knowledge of iron – the history of its decorative and practical use, its metallurgy, structural characteristics, its wonderful plasticity under the hammer or possibilities in being cast, and both ancient and modern joinery methods. This gives us the edge in realising any style in any situation.

Capital for a column supporting the new Roberts Park Bandstand


We are independent of any specific maker, and having no vested interest in the process of realising the design, can obtain directly comparable quotations from suppliers, having generated detailed specifications required for this. We can guide you through the commissioning process, smoothing a potentially fraught path for the uninitiated.

To achieve this objective, we carefully select and work closely with craftsmen who are masters of their trade.

Ely Cathedral reredos

To realise perfection…

…we listen first and foremost to you, and this guides everything we subsequently do. We are passionate about creativity in design and excellence in execution; passions that are backed by our experience and practicality. An intimate knowledge of what is possible in forgework and casting informs our entire process and the advice and direction we offer. This is reflected in our focus on getting the details right: the marvel of good design is in the visual and tactile perfection on close inspection. In order to realise this perfection, we analyse, revise and refine our work in every phase, fine-tuning as necessary to give you the very best.

The Ironwork Studio

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