Design for Chelsea Hospital fanlight by The Ironwork Studio. Our tender and procurement services ascertain that you get the best value and the highest quality for your project.
Chelsea Hospital fanlight, designed by The Ironwork Studios. The finished product does not vary from the design drawing because the right craftsmen were chosen for the job.

We provide practical support for the process of commissioning an ironwork contractor. By including our workshop drawings and specifications within tender packages we remove ambiguity so you can accurately compare tenders.

Our tender & procurement services include:

  • Technical Design (workshop drawings) – Provide the technical information for the construction of a project. What makes our drawings different is our fine-tuning approach. Our eye for detail ensures exquisite quality in terms of aesthetical design and craftsmanship in our work.
  • Ironwork Specifications – Define the scope and standard of work and craftsmanship required. They remove uncertainty, reducing the risk of poor quality and contract conflict. We provide fully detailed specifications from new build to restoration projects.


“The Ironwork Studio produced a design which was both creative and appropriate. Crucially it was also sensitive to the design rationale of the new building itself. The technical drawings and specifications were handled as sensitively as the design and the finished project has been greatly admired.”

Jonathan Carter, Main Board Director of Rolfe Judd Architecture

Other Services

Architectural metalwork design
Ironwork restoration & Conservation consultancy
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Independent architectural metalwork consultants.
Providing creative and practical expertise.

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