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Heritage settings in which conservation, restoration or new build work is required demand careful analysis. The history of the building and the site, the style, provenance and condition of the existing work, and the purpose and blending characteristics of any new work must be considered. We are specialists in this field, with extensive experience in specifications that result in heritage projects that in turn become the heritage of the future. We emphasise that realising such demanding work requires appointing the best practitioners, with mastery of the same skills the original creators had, and we ensure this mastery is evident in the contractors that carry out the work.

Old Scotland Yard | gates and piers

Description: In surveying the Commissioners Yard gates and piers, it was clear that impact damage was not the only problem; the overall condition was poor and therefore a complete major restoration was needed. The Grade II* listed gates and piers, erected in 1904 and designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield (the architect who designed Regent Street), […]

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Holland Park Earls Court | gates and lanterns

Description: Removing the paint in a gentle un-abrasive way uncovered a clearer more detailed view of the physical evidence about the gates. These Grade II listed gates were brought from Belgium by the 3rd Lord Holland in 1836, then restored and extended to fit their current position in the early 20th Century. The Ironwork Studio […]

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Piece Hall, Halifax | gates

Description: A unique pair of gates that had a major transformation from black and white to full colour allowing the detail of the particularly high quality cast panels to be once again appreciated in full. Grade I listed South Gates at Piece Hall were made in 1871 by George Smith & Co, Sun Foundry, Glasgow, […]

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Temple Lodge | gates

Description: Our client gained a new understanding of this currently decaying entrance through an analysis and evaluation of the physical and historical information. Temple Lodge Gates frame a deceptively unassuming entrance which has fallen into dilapidation and disuse. However, as the current owner recognised, this Grade II listed gateway with overthrow, given its location and […]

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Burghley House |entrance

An extensive survey with restoration works recommendations for this elaborate 18th century entrance, possibly attributable to Jean Tijou. Service: Full analysis of condition, origin and proposed renovation Client: Jon Culverhouse, Curator

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