Description: A new Gothic style gate design to complement the c1900 Grade II entrance.

The original gates were missing, but otherwise the c1900 south entrance was intact with its Gothic style railings, ashlar piers and dwarf walls. New gates were needed to secure the park, but there was no evidence of the original design for an authentic period reinstatement. However, there were ornamental elements within the railings, which were most likely to have been included within the original gate decoration. Wanting to reinforce the significance of the entrance as a whole, and as it was only the gates missing, the decision was taken to design new gates using the railings as inspiration. An understanding and knowledge of appropriate period style and construction, including in the detailing, gave it an authenticity which stopped it being a poor pastiche. The finished object blends in with the original elements and in doing so enhances the overall character of the setting.

Client: Sunderland City Council

Location: Sunderland

Service: Period Concept Design and Specification


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