Description: a new entrance installed to mark the 60th birthday of the 6th Duke of Westminster at Eaton Estate in Cheshire. Made by master smiths, the detailing of this piece shows off the very best of the blacksmith’s craft.

The estate can be traced back to the early 1440’s and at its heart sits Eaton Hall, the home of the Duke and Duchess of Westminster and the Grosvenor family. As the latest addition to the estate’s ironwork, this piece joins a prestigious collection, which includes an iconic piece by the Davies Brothers demonstrating the opulent nature of the Golden Age of British Ironwork in the early 18th Century. The Ironwork Studio’s scheme, while formal in appearance and stature, has a lighter touch to the decoration than that found in earlier historic periods. All the decoration, which is mainly focused on the piers, is symbolic to either the Duke, his family or estate. For example the Duke’s crest is the most obvious piece with smaller crests referencing his life in the army and the large ‘W’ for Westminster. Less obvious is a large salvaged cartridge shell, hanging inside a pier and engraved with the signatures of the Duchess and their children, which houses a time capsule for the interest of future generations. Painted in a dark blue, one of the estate colours called ‘pinstripe’, with gilded highlights.

Service: Concept Design & Specification

Architect: Donald Install Associates

Client: Duke & Duchess of Westminster

Location: Eaton Park, Cheshire


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