Description: A simple concept inspired by its setting and intended to slowly engage more interest from the viewer the closer they get.  

Plans for turning the internal space of this derelict barn into a garden included a small pool with railing panels to complete the boundary. As the garden was to be the main feature, with the pool as a focal point, the ironwork design needed to be one that would not district. It was almost as if the plainer the better, a case of ‘looking through’ rather than ‘looking at’, but the brief also stipulated the design had to be of interest when viewed close up. The Ironwork Studio’s proposal was to enhance a simple structure with subtle detailing that was slowly revealed on approach. The ripple feature, inspired by the surface of the pool, doubles as a construction joint detail & freeform decoration. From a distance the light reflected from the ripples provides movement & interest to otherwise plain bars.

Service: Concept Design & Specification

Client: Private Client

Location: Little Sparta, Scotland


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