Description: A new balustrade for the external stepped entrance to a 17th Century Scots Tower House.

The brief was for a bespoke design for a main entrance, but one that blended with the feel and age of the property. The two large horizontal panels at the top of the stairs were to be decorated and therefore become the main focal point of the design, with a simpler approach to the rest of the balustrade.  The current owners wished to personalise the design and therefore saw this as the opportunity to entwine a cypher (a secret code) linking the design directly to them and the substantial restorations that have taken part during their stewardship of the property. With one panel each they each included their initials, JGM for him and GAWM for her, each entwined with foliage to represent their nationalities, a thistle for Scotland and Rose for England.  The finished design was handmade using traditional blacksmithing techniques to forge out the flowing shapes and give the finished piece a quality three dimensional finish.

Service: Concept Design & Specification

Contractor: Topp & Co

Architect: Simpson & Brown Architects

Location: Crail, Fife, Scotland


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