Description: Inspired by the bold geometric patterns of the era this gate reflects Carnaby Street’s iconic heritage as the birthplace of swinging London in the 1960’s.

This was a stimulating brief, as not only was the design to relate to the Street’s history in some way, but the installation has two purposes: a security gate at night, but during the day a screen to the property’s air control vents. With air flow an important consideration, the view of the vents could only be disguised as opposed to fully blocked. In response The Ironwork Studio’s design has a busy open framework, with random infills, to engage and distract the eye from the view beyond. Constructed using highly skilled fabrication techniques, without a weld insight, it has a clean sophisticated finish. Its colouring comes from the use of polished stainless steel with glass inserts, complementing the colour scheme of the rest of the building. This project was part of a new building development, and being within a conservation area it should be no surprise that other aspects of the project pay respect to the past, although not always in the most obvious fashion. For instance, the development covers three original building plots which are still identifiable (if you know where to look) in the façade. Also, the windows are split so that the front stands forward to reflect the original Georgian proportions while the stepped back portion reflects the modern commercial need for letting in more light. Our gate proposal, of course, picked up on the outstanding link to the sixties.

Service: Concept Design & Specification

Architect: Rolfe Judd

Location: Carnaby Street, London


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