Description: A pair of pool-side gates working harmoniously together, yet their designs were to achieve opposite purposes, one to frame the view and the other to block it.

The Ironwork Studio took inspiration from the main pool side feature, a spherical sculpture by David Harber, which gave rise to a very simple concept of plain uprights combined with a circle, providing a design of opposing forces playing on the idea of straight against curved and negative versus positive. In deciding the colour, we first looked to the existing colour palette created by items already in the location. Working with this palette, as opposed to adding something new, we decided to use colour to emphasis the link with the sculpture. The finish we chose is Copper Green Patinated, an innovative metal patination imitation product by Verometal.

For the gate with a view, fixing the latch to the wall was not a viable option due to the type of wall construction. So, an unusual latch in which the keeper is on the ground provided the solution. It is similar to a drop bolt, but with two differences: first it can be operated from both sides and second, when you push the gate shut, the bolt rises on the floor mounted keeper before self-locating in the shut position. The weight of the bolt was kept down by tapering the top section where the strength of the full size section used at the bottom was not needed.

Service: Concept Design & Specification

Client: Private Client

Location: Near Skipton, North Yorkshire


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