St. Pauls Cathedral | handrail

Description: At the opening party the biggest compliment was that nobody realised the handrail was new, they thought it had always been there.

St Pauls is one of the most famous and recognisable sights in London with its Whispering Gallery located at the top of a large spiral stairwell – 259 steps, 99 feet (30m) above the floor. Until refurbishment works to improve accessibility, predominantly with the addition of a lift, the stairs had never had a handrail. The brief was to design one that looked and felt like it had always been there. From the outset it needed to be unpretentious, as opposed to ornate, but with the main element being in essence just a bar along the wall, the challenge was to design something that was not only elegantly detailed but at the same time substantial, both visually and when held. To achieve this, a new profile for the rolling mill was designed, providing a new moulded section for the handrail bar. Forging this into scrolled ends provided a simple yet classical termination to the handrail ends.

Service: Period Concept Design & Specification

Architect: Purcell Miller Tritton

Location: City of London


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