Description: lost then found, the gates to Weston Park provided a unique opportunity to compare the replacement replicas to the originals.

Weston Park, formally Weston Hall and grounds, is a five hectare pubic park that was opened to the public in 1875. Grade II listed, the ornate terracotta pillars and pair of gates, forming the south-east gateway, reflect the importance of this site as the original entrance drive to the former hall, now a museum. The classic, decorative Victorian gates were designed by Edward Mitchell-Gibbs, but were unfortunately stolen in 1994. As part of a park refurbishment programme we decided to recommend reinstating the gates with a design we developed from old photographs, with detailing to match Victorian fashions of the time. Then, several years after the gates were installed, an eagle eyed member of the public spotted and reported seeing the original gates at a different location. The authenticity of the gates was duly confirmed, and ownership eventually returned to the park. It was a rare opportunity to see the original, and very satisfying to discover that the replica design proved to be authentic in both its design and detailing.

Original gates
The replacement gates we designed from existing evidence
Replacement replicas based on existing evidence

Service: Period Reinstatement Design

Client: Sheffield City Council

Location: Sheffield, Yorkshire


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