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Contemporary metalwork design isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s also about quality and craftsmanship. Combining our practical and creative expertise our designs result in unique craftsman-made work. Underpinning our approach is a focus on getting the right proportions and quality of line. This transforms simple utilitarian designs to works that convey confidence and elegance. From Carnaby Street to World Heritage Sites we provide creative timeless concepts. Our aim is that they positively react to and engage with the unique places for which they are commissioned.

From Carnaby St. to Medieval Cathedrals

Craven | gates

Description: A pair of pool-side gates working harmoniously together, yet their designs were to achieve opposite purposes, one to frame the view and the other to block it. The Ironwork Studio took inspiration from the main pool side feature, a spherical sculpture by David Harber, which gave rise to a very simple concept of plain […]

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Wilberforce | gates

Description: a confident modern piece working in harmony with the architectural context. When asked to propose a design for this house The Ironwork Studio took inspiration from the dominating roof feature. The large lead panels, split regularly by the seams, were transformed into the strong base section with the divisions carried upwards until captured between […]

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Carnaby Street | gate

Description: Inspired by the bold geometric patterns of the era this gate reflects Carnaby Street’s iconic heritage as the birthplace of swinging London in the 1960’s. This was a stimulating brief, as not only was the design to relate to the Street’s history in some way, but the installation has two purposes: a security gate […]

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Rhodes | balustrade

Description: A minimalist design where just is a little is enough. This design focuses on The Ironwork Studio’s ethos that minimal designs can be uplifted by concentrating on proportions, balance and quality of line. Careful selection of the upright stock size and section (it is rectangular rather than square), combined with a simple forged feature […]

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Ripple | panels

Description: A simple concept inspired by its setting and intended to slowly engage more interest from the viewer the closer they get.   Plans for turning the internal space of this derelict barn into a garden included a small pool with railing panels to complete the boundary. As the garden was to be the main […]

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Kingston House | balustrade

Description: A design led, highly specified, refurbishment of a penthouse apartment included the opportunity for a statement balustrade. The interior designer’s mood board provided the outline of ‘pick up sticks’ as the inspiration for the balustrade with the idea that it would provide a little harmonious disorder and artistic contrast to the otherwise well organised […]

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Ely Cathedral | reredos and alter

Description: The designer, John Maddison, had outlined a beautiful water coloured sketch of his idea for the new Reredos but needed The Ironwork Studio’s expertise and technical help, not only in turning his concept into a reality but at the same time ensuring it embodied honest craftsmanship in its construction. A complicated design necessitating many […]

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Sound Wave | doors

Description: A competition winning design that reflects the current use of these Grade II buildings. Located at Green Dragon Yard, The Georgian Theatre and Green Dragon Studios are at the heart of Stockton-on-Tees cultural quarter. The brief was for a creative design solution to link three public entrances on these two buildings. The Ironwork Studio’s […]

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Stock Fish Rack | sculpture

Description: A sculpture reflecting Kings Lynn’s medieval trading links with the Hanseatic League, which controlled trade in the Baltic and North Sea between the 13th and 17th Centuries. At 3.2m tall, the sculpture comprises two racks filled with fish hanging out to dry (along with the odd bit of seaweed and a mermaids bra). It […]

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Pillar of Friendship | sculpture

Description: an international collaborative sculptural project celebrating friendship.    This project, inspired and organised by the British Artist Blacksmith Association (BABA), brought blacksmiths together from around the globe. A competition was held to find Master Blacksmiths to design a sculpture, representing his or her interpretation of the theme of friendship, to fill apertures within the […]

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